Kazakhstan Attracting More Tourists From Iran

Kazakhstan Attracting More Tourists From Iran

Kazakhstan is attracting more tourists from Iran with the introduction of attractive tour packages and the launch of direct Tehran-Almaty flight.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Iranian travel company, Hafez Sadri said that tour agencies in Iran are receiving calls regarding tour packages to Kazakhstan.

“Iran and Kazakhstan are very close to each other. The people not only look like each other but they also have similar way of thinking.”

“Iranians are as friendly as Kazakhs and this is why perhaps our people want to go where they will feel free and at home,” he said.

Tourism cooperation between Kazakhstan and Iran has started 15 years ago. Many Iranians are well informed about the sightseeing places in Kazakhstan.

“Kazakhstan is like an unread book for us. Iranians knew that Kazakhstan is a good destination for traveling during the weekend or for vacation, but previously they did not have the opportunity to go there,” Iranian travel company CEO, Alireza Salehisrat said.

He added that Kazakhstan is currently the second most popular country among Iranian tourists.

The introduction of visa-free travel is another step to boost the tourism sector between Kazakhstan and Iran.

Experts said that tourists will have the opportunity to travel to the countries without applying for visa.

Photo: kt.kz