Turkistan to Become International Tourist Destination

Kazakhstan will develop its southern city Turkistan into an international tourist destination.

Since the beginning of this year, numerous tours were arranged for foreign travel agencies to visit the city and expand tourism cooperation.

The tour operators from Malaysia and Indonesia were brought to the Great Silk Road-themed excursion and they are also introduced to the main attractions of the region.

Meanwhile, local tourism specialists highlight the importance of the initiative of the First President of Kazakhstan, which is to turn Turkistan into a spiritual capital of the entire Turkic world.

Several projects are slated to be begun in the upcoming year in order to effectively attract more tourists. Regular training and workshops with a focus on quality service are also organized for local tour guides and tourism managers.

Deputy Director of regional tourism, Zhasulan Tulebekov said that 19 facilities funded by private investments are being constructed in Turkistan.

“We have signed an agreement with foreign tour operators. We have introduced them to our area. As part of the Digital Kazakhstan program, we plan for a full digitally transformation our tourist facilities,” he said.

In the upcoming years, Turkistan will once again become a lively center of trade, historical and cultural cities that attract the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

The city welcomed 1.5 million tourists last year. The city is expected to receive five million tourists by 2025. 

Photo: matritca.kz