Kazakh cyclists to ride across 50 European cities within two months

Kazakh cyclists are planning to ride across seven European countries within two months. They will visit 50 cities as part of an international bicycle ride to mark the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan.

The team of six cyclists will start their journey from the capital of the United Kingdom.

Head of Kazakh Geographic Society, Tolegen Tastanbekov said that the bicycle trip is called Peace and Unity.

The trip will cover France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belarus and Russia.

The ride is organized by Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly, Kazakh Geographic Society and Kazakhstan’s Embassy in the United Kingdom.

The large-scale event is aimed to promote Kazakhstan as well as the core values of the country such as unity and peaceful coexistence among different ethnic groups living in the country.

“There are people representing various ages and ethnicities among us, including women. We want to demonstrate our unity, harmony and healthy lifestyle,” team member, Azamat Atantai said.

The Kazaky cyclists are planning to end their trip in Nur-Sultan on the Capital Day of Kazakhstan.

Foto: www.24.kz