Serik Yesmatov: example of strength and perseverance

20-years old Serik Yesmatov is one of the winners of the second stage of the 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project.

He is an active student who participated in various sports activities such as swimming, football and boxing, and he was also part of a singing choir.

At the age of 13, Yesmatov lost both his legs due to a train accident but his conditions did not stop him from the sports activities.

He became the captain of Kazakhstan’s Paralympic Youth Volleyball team and he also helps disabled people to start living a positive life.

“One day, I was going back home from my swimming training. I was very tired. It was before noon. The sun was high and it was very hot.”

“I live in Almaty 1 district near the railway station. I had to cross railway tracks to get home. As I was crossing, at that moment, a train passed by,” Yesmatov said.

The accident did not break the young man but instead made him stronger and tougher.

Yesmatov said it was not easy for him to regain his confidence and restart playing sports.

“Some people say that my inner strength helped me or the fact that I was training since a young age. I believe that I was greatly empowered by my parents and my brothers. Their love, support and conversations motivated me to live a full life,” he said.