People’s Unity Day in Kazakhstan

The People’s Unity Day is celebrated annually in Kazakhstan since the first of May, 1996. The celebration has become the country’s symbol of kindness, friendship and respect towards all ethnicities and nationalities. 

Kazakhstan has over 18 million population with more than 130 nationalities. The country’s unique model of interethnic and interfaith harmony and peace principles has been used as an example by many countries. 

Political experts have said that the model has become a foundation of the political and economic successes of Kazakhstan. 

Chairperson of Chechen-Ingush Ethno Cultural Association, Bashir Solsanov said that the state and the Government have encouraged the different nationalities in Kazakhstan to develop their language, traditions and art. 

“It is necessary to show, enrich and store all the best in order to develop our country. Indeed, it is very important and significant for us.”

“We want our children and the younger generation to go beyond their current environment. We want them to live in harmony with other nations and ethnic groups,” he said. 

Usually, during the Unity Day celebration, more than 1,000 ethnic cultural centers in Kazakhstan demonstrate their achievements and successes to the public via cultural folk festivals, sports competition and exciting concert programs. 

Member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Akhmet Muradov said that the holiday is supported by all Kazakhstanis regardless of their nationality and faith. 

“This is a holiday that takes people to the streets where they welcome and hug each other. This is how they let each other know that they are compatriots and they are also united under one common goal,” he said.