Presentation of ‘Architect of Turkic Integration’ and ‘Epic of Capital’ Books

The presentation of the ‘Architect of Turkic Integration’ and ‘Epic of Capital’ books was held in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The first book features the opinions and statements of a number of foreign leaders, famous political experts and scholars on the role of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in the Turkic world.

Meanwhile, the second book focuses on the historical milestones of the Kazakh capital.

The authors of the two books connect the process of uniting the Turkic world with Nazarbayev’s leadership personality.

President of International Turkic Academy, Darkhan Kydyrali said that more than 280 articles have been published and the most interesting documents were included in the book.

“Statehood is the most important thing. If a country develops, the people develop too. I think that his model is not only designed for the Turkic world but also for many other countries worldwide.”

“Kazakhstan has the right to be proud of the successes achieved by their Leader of the Nation,” professor, Kadyrali Konkobayev said.