‘Trails of Nomads’ Research Expedition Continues Their Journey in Georgia

The Trails of Nomads expedition continues their research journey in Georgia with more findings on the Kipchaks.

The members visited Tetritskaro, an ancient town in southern Georgia, which houses one of Queen Tamar of Georgia’s favorite residences.

Georgian historian, Gulnara Uteva-Natradze said the ancient town was established prior to the Kipchaks’ arrival.

“The Kipchaks were moved here by King David IV to guard the borders in the town,” he said, adding that he realized that Kazakhs and Georgians share a lot in common in terms of historical facts and mentality.

The Trails of Nomad team also visited the Vardzia cave monastery. Its construction began in the 12th century during the rule of King George III of Georgia and was completed when his daughter, Queen Tamar assumed the throne.

The cave is 50 meters wide and about 500 meters long.

“The monastery was used to protect the area from the Iranian and Turkish invasions. Based on an assumption, Kubasar the Georgian commander of Kipchak origin came here with his army during the rule of George III and Queen Tamar,” said the expedition leader, Sapar Iskakov.

The next destination for the Trails of Nomads members is Akhaltsikhe, a small city in southwestern Georgia that used to be a capital of Kipchak-Turkic state between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Photo: turj.ru