French Author Presents Comic Book About Adventures in Kazakhstan

French Author Presents Comic Book About Adventures in Kazakhstan

The presentation of the ‘Adventures of Jacques and Bill in Kazakhstan: Treasures of Genghis Khan’ comic book was held in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan.

The book, written by French author Jacques Ortet, reflects his view of the Kazakh history, culture, traditions and customs.

The author wrote an exciting journey of Jacques, the main character of the story and his talking bird, Bill.

“The characters develop their own perceptions of the country and culture. These are the perception of someone who loves Kazakhstan and its culture very much. The characters want to inspire readers to visit the country,” Ortet said.

He also said that he used the opportunity to present the character and personality of Genghis Khan, who was an eminent person and leader from the Central Asian region.

The book was published for the first time in French last year and is available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

The book is published in French and Russian in Kazakhstan, and it will soon be translated into Kazakh.

Ortet said that the book will also be presented in a number of cities in Kazakhstan such as Almaty and Oskemen.