'Youth of the Great Steppe’ International Conference Held in Kazakh Capital

The Youth of the Great Steppe: Historical Mission and Building the Nation of Common Future international research conference was held in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan.

The event was organized as a platform for Kazakh and international young scientists to discuss the role of Kazakhstan’s history in the modernization of public consciousness.

“I believe that we live in the era of technology. As the core of the new beginnings, the youth should be actively involved in these developments. They need to do science and contribute to the country,” State History Institute senior researcher, Zhapsarbai Kuanyshev said.

Young scientists presented their ideas on the development of youth policy and commended measures outlined in the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program and the Seven Facets of the Great Steppe article.

Expert of Information Management and Analysis office of the Youth Research Institute in Russia, Laura Bigaliyeva shared her presentation on youth parliamentarism in Russia and Kazakhstan.

“Youth parliamentarism is a tool used to protect the legal rights and interests of young people. I would like to create a youth parliament here,” she said.

Meanwhile, Leading Expert of the Information and Analytical Department of the Youth Research Center, Aida Syzdykova said that the experience of Astana EXPO 2017 is unique for Kazakhstan.

“It is terrific to see 5,000 people work continuously between 7 to 8 hours for three months to achieve one goal. This experience, in my opinion, should sustain in Kazakhstan. The use of this possibility will serve as a good impetus for the development of volunteering, especially in this Year of Youth,” she added.

The conference concluded with the adoption of resolution. The participants noted that it is necessary to unite the efforts to form an innovative and intellectual nation with a common future.

The efforts, they said, will lead to a new Kazakh patriotism as well as an ideology of work and spiritual morality.

Photo: caravan.kz