Kazakhstan Celebrates Nauryz

Kazakhstan Celebrates Nauryz

Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays celebrated by the Turkic people. The important holiday marking the vernal equinox and the revival of nature dates back more than 5,000 years. The Kazakh people believe that the spring fully arrives on March 21st, therefore, this day signifies the start of the Nauryz celebrations. The holiday is equally precious to all ethnic groups and diverse communities living in Kazakhstan.

According to the member of Obereg Ethnic Ukrainian Community Anastasiya Timoshchenko-Borovikova, Nauryz is the holiday of spring and revival. The ethnic Ukrainians of Kazakhstan celebrate Nauryz by serving a festive table.

As part of Nauryz celebrations, people wear festive outfits and visit friends and family to extend the best wishes for the next year. For the Turkic people living in Kazakhstan, Nauryz signifies the start of the New Year believed to bring new beginnings.

“Nauryz is our favorite holiday which signified the arrival of spring. It symbolizes that the spring arrives and the winter ends. Based on our traditions and customs, we celebrate Nauryz for three days. We cook Kazakh baursaks. To be honest, we often cook Kazakh-style meat in my family which one of our favorite dishes,” spokesperson of ethnic Kurds’ association Khanum Akhmetova told Kazakh TV.

It’s hard to imagine festivities and celebrations without traditional food served on the table. For instance, the Azerbaijanis serve traditional food such as Shekerbura, Pakhlava, Shor Gogal and Samani during the Nauryz celebrations together with the Kazakh-style meat.   

Rabil Kuliyev, member of Khazar Azerbaijani cultural center believes Nauryz brings people together. “We cook our best food, open our doors to the guests,” Kuliyev highlights the significance of the holiday.  

People of Kazakhstan believe that Nauryz is not just the symbol of reviving nature but also a way to strengthen trust and friendship between different cultures and ethnic communities. 

Photo: today.kz