Preparations to Tumar Awards Well Underway

Preparations to Tumar Awards Well Underway

Tumar National Television Awards ceremony will take place tomorrow. The country’s leading broadcast producers, journalists, and TV presenters will enter the competition for the most prestigious award in the industry. The preparations for the grand event of the year are well underway.

This year, the competition focuses on promoting Kazakhstan’s media brands and quality content, said the organizer of Tumar National Television Awards Nikolai Podoshva-Zakharov. ‘We would like to shine light on the successful projects which are well known in Kazakhstan and Asia,’ he commented.

This year, the jury received a record number of 300 applications competing in nine nominations to determine the winners. The nominations include Best Series, Best Social Project, Best Documentary, Best News Piece and Best Analytical Program, the Event of the Season, Best Entertainment Program and Best Regional Project. Journalists will compete in nominations for Best Journalist and Best TV Presenter.

“We have a short list of 36 nominees. The final list will be reviewed on the awards day. This means that on the 20th of March, the jury members will review the applications and select the final winners,” Lyazzat Amanbekova, public relations manager of Kazmedia Center told Kazakh TV.

This year, the jury consists of eleven members. Yet, who the jury members are remains unknown to the public. Kazakh TV anticipates who will be announced on the day of the award.