Nur Otan Party Members Set to Implement New Congress Tasks

Nur Otan Party Members Set to Implement New Congress Tasks

Members of Nur Otan, the largest and ruling party in Kazakhstan, are set to implement tasks that were announced at the 18th party congress on Feb 27, 2019.

Rector of Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Dariya Kozhamzharova said the party members emphasized that the country has vast potential to develop the education and science industries.

“We are ready to inform the people in our society about these tasks and we will work on their implementation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Governor of West Kazakhstan region, Altai Kulginov said the Government continues to provide the society in various forms.

“Youth is the future of Kazakhstan and we will help them in implementing these goals with social support. The new businesses which will be started by the young people will have a positive effect on Kazakhstan’s development,” he said.

A new political program, The Society of Well-Being: 10 Goals of the Decade was introduced by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev at the congress meeting.

The new program, which will be implemented until 2030, outlines the party’s priority shift from economic development to social development. The main goal of the program is to improve the well-being of the people of Kazakhstan.

Some of the 10 priority goals in the new program include educational reforms, small and medium business development, support for young generation as well as implementation of social projects and improvement of the people’s wellbeing.