Kazakhstan Marks Gratitude Day

Kazakhstan Marks Gratitude Day

Kazakhstan marks the Gratitude Day for the 4th year on March 1st, 2018. The special day was initiated by President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev and is celebrated on the day of the establishment of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly.

Leading expert of the Republican State Institution on Public Harmony, Kamal Alpeyisova said that the day is an opportunity to celebrate the interethnic and interreligious harmony that is thriving in Kazakhstan.

“The main idea of the Gratitude Day is to always remember the good, continue doing good deeds and participate in charity events. This is the reminder of the kindness shown by Kazakhs during the difficult years of deportation,” she said.

Members of various ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan have emphasized the importance of celebrating the Gratitude Day.

Director of Regional Ethnic German’s Association, Igor Berg said many people from different countries were deported to Kazakhstan and they were all helped by the Kazakhs.

“Our ethnic German family was deported to Kazakhstan. We all know that despite famine and poverty, the local Kazakhs had shown their hospitality and provided support for our families,” he said.

Kazakhstan is known worldwide as an international brand of multiethnic harmony. The majority of the population comprises of ethnic Kazakhs and Russians followed by others such as Koreans, Germans, Tatars and Uzbeks.