More Foreign Patients Seek Medical Treatment in Kazakhstan

More Foreign Patients Seek Medical Treatment in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is welcoming a higher number of foreign patients seeking medical services, making the country a medical tourism destination in the Central Asian region.

Most of the foreign patients undergo treatments such as cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery as well as reproductive medicine and dentistry.

Organ transplantation and health improvement procedures in Kazakhstan are also popular among the patients.

Overall, the country has welcomed medical tourists from 45 countries, mostly from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Head of Neurosurgery Department, Serik Karibai said the foreign patients chose Kazakhstan’s healthcare services due to its professionalism and high-quality services.

“Our specialists were trained in the leading American and European clinics. The Bolashak scholarship program also provided many highly professional specialists for us,” he said.

Currently, there are seven clinics in Kazakhstan, which are certified by the JCI international standard. The accreditation is widely recognized as a proof of high quality and professional medical services provided to foreign patients. 

Kazakhstan is actively developing its medical tourism industry and the implementation of modern technologies and innovations in its healthcare sector attracts more foreign patients to the country.

One of the most developed medical technologies in Kazakhstan is assisted reproductive technology, which can be comparable to the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia. Over the past 22 years, patients from 51 countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA visited Kazakhstan for infertility treatment.

Reproductive gynecologist, Ravil Valiyev said the in-vitro fertilization is not widely developed in Kazakhstan’s neighboring countries due to financial or legislative reasons.

“The majority of foreign couples who came to our hospital are from the neighboring countries – Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan has built more than 40 modern medical centers in Aktobe over the last five years. Two years ago, some 100 foreigners were treated in the region while last year the amount increased to 500.