Unique Cardiac Surgery Performed in Kazakhstan

Unique Cardiac Surgery Performed in Kazakhstan

Surgical cardiac cryoablation method was performed for the first time in Kazakhstan on a 58-year old patient with heart complications.

The new method, which was recently introduced in Europe, includes freezing a section of the heart under minus 160 degrees to minimize harm to the patient.

Head of Cardiac Surgery Department, Almas Antikeyev said the group of surgeons used argon gas to cool the heart prior to the surgery.

Meanwhile, the first robot-assisted surgical procedure on kidney was also performed in Kazakhstan.

According to doctors, the old surgical technique would require removing kidneys from the patients. However, the new method allows doctors to operate only on the damaged section of the kidney.

Over 50 patients have been treated with the new surgical procedure so far in Kazakhstan.

Doctors said the new method helps to minimize the risk of damaging other organs and allows patients to recover faster. Besides urology, the procedure is also practiced in general surgery and gynecology.

Head of Urology Department, Yerlan Yenssebayev said doctors in Kazakhstan plans to carry out more of the robot-assisted procedures in the country.

“As we all know, previously patients had to go to South Korea, Israel and Europe to treat illnesses. I think that with the development of the robot-assisted technologies, our patients will be able to undergo complicated procedures in Kazakhstan,” he said.

Photo: alanda-hirurgia.kz