Million tenge grants to support youth projects

Zhas Project, a youth development competition, is ongoing in Kazakhstan. One million Tenge of grant will be given to successful social-based projects. The project is jointly implemented by the World Bank and the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science. A forum titled ‘Dream! Offer! Implement!’ was held in Astana to showcase different projects created by youths.


Grants are given to a group of young people who offers the best social-based projects. The group must have three to five members. The participants can (start to) implement their ideas after receiving financial support of up to one million Tenge. (In addition to that), each participant will receive a monthly fund for (a period of) six months. The (total) amount is 60,000 Tenge for university graduates and 40,000 Tenge for school and college graduates.

The project, aimed at engaging the youth in social-based activities, was launched two years ago. More than 5,500 participants have received support to implement their business ideas since the start of the project. Part of the successful projects was presented at an exhibition in Astana.


This grant allowed us to purchase tools and equipment required for our business. Using this equipment, we are making various crafts in the Kazakh traditional design, such as souvenirs and invitation cards. I would like to mention that we also make puzzles for the Cyrillic and Latin scripts, which we give out for school students for free.

The comprehensive support as part of the project is available for the youth from Akmola, West Kazakhstan and Mangystau regions as well as Astana and Almaty cities.