Year of Youth in Kazakhstan

Year of Youth in Kazakhstan

New projects under the Year of Youth have been launched in Kazakhstan. The creation of a pilot mini-techno park (based on one of the schools in the capital) was announced at the forum of self-made leaders of the Association of Entrepreneurs under the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The young generation will learn about the basics of entrepreneurship and also skills in (various areas such as) clothing and furniture production and gardening. (According to the Association of Entrepreneurs, the same training experience will be used throughout the country). At the forum, speakers discussed about the measures of state support in entrepreneurship and youth policy. The speakers also shared their experiences in starting and developing business.


 - The President has set specific goals. This year, we have very favorable conditions for the creation and development of business. There are not only promotions and instructions, but also support of specific financial resources. We aim to assist in developing mechanisms as well as attracting economic instruments.

The forum also hosted an exhibition of domestic producers, artisans and youth start-ups. (For example), a young farmer from Atyrau, Tamila Razmetova presented her products and made a proposal to the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev to plant an apple orchard in the capital (at the opening of the Year of the Youth).


 - These apples are winter and frost-resistant. This sort of apples was specially grown in our nurseries. We conducted experiments and checked their conditions. Everything has gone well. In two years, we plan to get the first harvest in Astana.