Spiritual Heritage of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

Spiritual Heritage of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

The spiritual heritage of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi continues to be relevant today. Works of the great Turkic and Sufi philosopher is considered special in the Turkic nations. His teachings, particularly ‘Diwani Hikmet’ influenced the development of Islamic culture throughout the nations. The life and work of the spiritual leader continue to be studied. Khoja Ahmed Yasawi glorified Turkistan as the spiritual and cultural capital of Kazakhstan and entire Turkic-speaking countries.


- Students of Yasawi lived in Turkistan, Otyrar and Sairam. In general, there were about 50 students in different cities. They contributed to the preservation of the Turkic language through Hikmets or teachings. The students and followers of Yasawi spread his messages everywhere.

Thousands of Yasawi’s students continue to spread the Turkic language and the great scholar’s teachings in Asia, Europe and India. Researchers noted that the Diwani Hikmet works were written in Turkic.


- ‘Diwani Hikmet’ discusses topics on life principles. In the work, the necessity of following the right path is emphasized. There are wise words on afterlife and it is indicated that there will be a demand for unrighteous acts done on earth.

Experts say that conscience and honesty are the main topics that Yasawi discusses in his hikmets or teachings, which are still relevant today. The works of the great scholar were translated into Kazakh, Russian and Turkish. In 2018, music was written for the hikmets for the first time. This year the project will be introduced to the Turkic people. In addition, Turkestan will host a competition of Yasawi studies. The traditional international event also symbolizes the undying interest in the works and activities of the spiritual leader.