Foreign Students Choose Kazakh Universities

Foreign Students Choose Kazakh Universities

Foreign students choose Kazakh universities. Last year, about 18,000 young people from various parts of the world arrived to study in Kazakhstan. According to experts, the number of foreign students is expected to increase to 50,000 in the next couple of years. Today, about 650 future foreign doctors study at Semey Medical University. They are mainly citizens of Pakistan and India. The interest among  Mongolian and Chinese residents is also growing every year.


- I like the weather here and the university where we study. People here are very friendly and we understand each other well. They help us a lot. Pakistani or Indian students who used to study here said that the city is good, the people are nice. There are good professions at the university. Professors explain the lessons well and demonstrate everything in practice.

Over the past 20 years, the number of foreign students enrolled in Semey Medical University increased by 15 times. In the first years, the number of students from abroad hardly reached 50 people. For the convenience of the foreign citizens, the lectures are held in English.


- Foreign students appreciate the stability of our prosperous and well-developing country. Young people receive high-quality education here. All these factors contribute to an increase in the number of students. We are glad when our graduates come back to say ‘thank you’ after becoming successful doctors.

More than 500 foreign citizens graduated from Semey Medical University in 20 years. This year, about additional 100 foreign students will receive internationally recognized diplomas.