Kazakhstan is creating co-working centers

Kazakhstan is creating co-working centers

The future lies in youth. Kazakhstan is creating co-working centers for the purpose of the younger generation’s self-realization, all-round development and active involvement in society. This is a platform where the country's activists can gather to discuss their ideas and implementation with like-minded people. In addition, there are free English classes available for anyone and online lecture by world’s leading professors. Recently, one of such co-working centers has been opened in Aktau.


- While people are young, they want to spend time with purpose. The have various thoughts and ideas and they want to realize them. It is great when there are places where you can implement the most creative ideas.

These centers help find the potential of young people, experts say. 25-year-old Nurbek Utegenov has worked on his project for three months. He says that he was given every opportunity to find necessary information in the co-working center. He says that this is a great place to acquire business contacts and connections.


- In this center, we work on various projects. We brainstorm, debate and discuss not only among ourselves, but also with businessmen. We get to know their opinion.

Similar platforms will be created in all districts of the region by the end of the year. As part of the Year of the Youth in the region, more than 100 different events will be organized.