The first hybrid cardiac surgery was held in Kazakhstan

The first hybrid cardiac surgery was held in Kazakhstan

The first hybrid cardiac surgery was held in Kazakhstan. Cardiac surgeons in Astana were the eighth in the world to successfully perform two invasive interventions at the same time.

Doctors implanted an artificial valve for a 74-year-old resident in East Kazakhstan region, Yuri Dudarev. The surgeons also performed a coronary artery bypass surgery. Surgical procedures lasted more than two hours. However, this operation took four hours without a break between interventions.


- These surgical operations have been performed in the world for several years now. Performing several types of surgical interventions on one organ helped a lot of patients.

Such complex manipulations are recorded. For example, this is an exclusive video of Yuri Dudarev’s surgery. Experts believe that the footage can serve as a visual aid for Kazakhstan’s future cardiac surgeons. Another advantage of the video surveillance is that the operation can be monitored online and the patient will not have to undergo several procedures at different times.


- An open heart operation was contraindicated in this patient and he has had this disease for quite a long time. However, our clinic’s surgeons were able to combine these two procedures. We performed this surgery for the first time. This is the eighth hybrid cardiac surgery in the world.

Cardiac surgeons believe that they will be able to perform more operations of this kind in the near future. Meanwhile, doctors continue monitoring Yuri Dudarev’s condition. He will spend a few more weeks in the hospital.


-I don’t feel bad right now. The surgical operation was difficult for me because my body weakened. It was hard for the doctors to find a spot for the injection. My condition is good so far. 

There a high demand for such operations in Kazakhstan and the world. Currently, experts believe that hybrid interventions will allow avoiding complications and will prolong the patients’ lives.