Kazakhstan is actively developing STEM Education

Kazakhstan is actively developing STEM Education

Kazakhstan is actively developing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). In one of the schools in Aktau, children learn to code as well as study the intricacies of physics, mathematics, computer science and electronics. Recently, a research project of Zhasulan Boranbai has won him the second place at the city stage of the ‘Zerde’ republican competition. The fifth-grader has created a robot that can collect beach and marine debris.


- Two motors help rotate the blades. For example, the robot notices trash. It begins to move in that direction; lifts it up and sends it to a container. The robot will help facilitate the work of a man. Most importantly, it does not harm the environment. It is very helpful.

Contestants understand the trajectory of the catapult, and how to build cars and ships. For many of them, robotics classes are not just a hobby, but the first step to serious 3D modeling in the future. The scope of creative possibilities is impressive. Student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School Nazira Kydyrbayeva has developed a prosthetic arm. For this purpose, she used the activated carbon, foil, board and plastic.


- A sensor is attached to a non-functioning arm. When a signal is transmitted in the human brain and a person wants to squeeze the arm, then all the muscles are tense. Due to this, the pressure sensor transmits a signal to the Arduino plateau.

Experts are sure that the STEM laboratories help to reveal the child’s abilities, as well as ingrain an interest in knowledge.