2019 is the year of youth in Kazakhstan

2019 is the year of youth in Kazakhstan

By the decree of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, 2019 is dedicated to the younger generation. Today, comprehensive support for young people is becoming a priority of state policy. All conditions have been created for the development of science and education as well as privileges, subsidies and other measures of state support have been provided. In return, young people are expected to be active and effective. They are expected to have initiatives and proposals. There can be an increase in labor productivity and jobs. This includes research in IT technologies, green energy, agriculture and robotics. The most promising ones have been presented in Astana at the competition of innovative projects.


- In 2019, many youth initiatives will be supported. One of the examples is our republican competition of innovative projects, ‘NURINTECH.’ To date, more than 30 participants have moved to the final round. The best projects have been selected and the total prize fund is nearly five million tenge. Our projects will be further promoted and commercialized. In previous years we had a good experience. We want these projects to be implemented.

Today creators of high-tech developments are schoolchildren, students and young science doctors from all over the country. The contest organizers are sure that they might become world-renowned scientists, whose works will be an undeniable sensation and a new chapter of educational technologies and robotics. For example, a graduate of one of the capital schools, Alikhan Rakhmetov, had brought to the competition a unique sensory cane for the blind and people with visual impairments. He says his invention is the only one in the world.


- The cane consists of two main parts: a body and a robotic complex. The cane has wheels so that the person does not need to lift it, but simply roll it on the surface. With the help of the wheels, the person can feel obstacles such as edges and stairs. The cane can be adjusted and stretched according to height. There is a power button.

It is still unknown whether this innovative project will bring victory to the young inventor. The results of the youth competition will be announced at a later date. However, participation in the contest confirms that the country’s future belongs to the talented and very promising young people.