A book on Alash Orda movement was presented in Baku

A book on Alash Orda movement was presented in Baku

A book on Alash Orda liberation movement in Azerbaijani language was presented in Baku. The collection was published by Kazakh Embassy to implement Nursultan Nazarbayev’s program article ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’. The work includes articles about the organization’s activities and the movement’s prominent members. The authors believe that the Azerbaijani readers will be interested to learn about the Kazakh people’s struggle for independence at the beginning of the 20th century.


- This is a significant event in Azerbaijan’s public life. The Alash movement played an exceptional role in the development of Kazakhstan’s independence. The Alash members fought for the ideas of the Kazakh people. It is important for the Azerbaijani readers to learn about the Alash party’s activities. It is part of our common Turkic history.

A collection of poems by Azerbaijani poet Huseyn Javid in Kazakh language, printed in the Latin script was also presented to the readers. Both Alash Orda members and Huseyn Javid were ardent supporters of their countries’ independence and fought for the development of the national culture.


- Currently, our countries are independent and we are building our sovereign states at the moment. Unfulfilled dreams of our ancestors are currently being implemented at a more advanced level. We are connected by many things, such as common history, culture and language. 

The meeting participants believe that that the cooperation will help bring the two nations together, because of the common Turkic origins. Therefore, works about the prominent Kazakh public figures will be regularly presented to the Azerbaijani public.