Indian students arrived in Kokshetau to study medicine

Indian students arrived in Kokshetau to study medicine

Experts say that Kazakhstan has potential to develop tourism education. Kazakh universities mainly attract young people from the Commonwealth of Independent States. There are also students who come from far abroad to study in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has established effective cooperation in education with Turkey, Hungary, France, Italy, Russia and India. Recently, Indian youngsters have arrived in Kokshetau to study medicine. After five-year study in the Kazakh university, they will intern in their home country for two years. All tuition fees and expenses are sponsored by India. In addition to 27 Indian students, seven students from the neighboring countries are studying at the Kokshetau University. The number of international students will increase next year.


- It is a very peaceful country. It is very beautiful. My course name is General Medicine.


- At the end of December, new students will arrive. Nearly 50-70 students will study here. Next year other students will come. There are approximately 70-100 students. We have enough professors who give lectures in English.