Kazakhstan is intensively developing its transport infrastructure

Kazakhstan is intensively developing its transport infrastructure

Kazakhstan is intensively developing its transport infrastructure. As part of the Nurly Zhol program, work is being continued on the construction and reconstruction of republican highways. The large-scale project will connect the capital with other regions. 11 modern highways with a total length of 7,000 kilometres will be built. One of the first launched is ‘Astana - Schuchinsk.’ In a short time, the 170 kilometres section from Astana to Temirtau will be commissioned. As part of the ‘Center-South’ infrastructure project, a road to Almaty is being built (with a cement-concrete based coating.)


 - To date, work continues on this corridor. We are working on the 14 km long Temirtau-Karagandy section and we have completed the six-lane roadbed. Next year we will have full completion. In addition to this, next year we plan to start work on the Karagandy-Balkhash, Balkhash - Buru Baital and Kurty - Kapchagai sections. Thus, next year the entire corridor will be covered. We plan to complete the project from Astana to Almaty by 2023. The total cost of the project is estimated at nearly 105 billion Tenge.

Next year, the road from Astana to Temirtau will be paid based on the example of the Astana-Schuchinsk highway. Toll roads are practised in over 30 countries. Experts say that the introduction of the toll roads will make highways self-sufficient and will improve their quality. Modern technologies will provide security.


 - There will be a strict control on the road. Based on the example of Astana - Temirtau there will be seven control arches where cameras are installed. In addition, there will be a notification on the condition of road coverage.

An efficient road infrastructure will be created in the country. In the future, additional 13 toll roads will be built. The list includes the ‘Western Europe - Western China’ transport corridor as well as the Astana-Pavlodar and Astana-Kostanai highways.