Mare’s milk – Saumal is becoming a popular brand

Mare’s milk – Saumal is becoming a popular brand

Another Kazakh product is rapidly gaining recognition on international markets. Mare’s milk – Saumal is becoming a popular brand. Kazakh producers have pushed for the growing interest of Europeans and Asians to the healing drink. For example, the production of baby food using mare’s milk has started in the Karagandy region. (The uniqueness and similarity between mare’s milk and human milk have been known since ancient times). This year, for the first time, seven scholarships were given to scientists to study the properties of mare’s milk. The funds totalled three billion Tenge. The facility will manufacture up to 100 tonnes of finished product annually.


Powdered milk will be exported to China. For this purpose, the country's largest producer intends to build a separate factory which focuses on the foreign market. China’s residents, who do not have an opportunity to drink saumal, can try the sublimated product. The powdered milk has almost the same properties as natural milk. (They have no difference in taste, appearance, colour and composition).


 - We signed a contract after the visit of our President in June. We can start delivering to China after the commission arrives and certifies our factory. We are going through all licensing procedures.

Production of dried mare’s milk started four years ago. The technology was purchased in Germany. Everything is automated in the factory. (The production workshop is sterile). The milk is brought to the milking plant through the milk line. It is then cooled, pasteurized and dried.


 - Milk obtained by a freeze-drying method can be preserved and its duration can be extended. Next is the sublimation process – freezing the product to below 40 Celcius followed by milk evaporation and drying. It is then followed by the output of the final dry product (for further use).

It takes three days to dry 500 litres of milk. The powder is then packaged in vacuum bags. Production of dry mare's milk is located in the Karagandy region (whereby 2,000 mares graze in the wild). Each mare gives 4-5 litres of milk per day. (Chinese tourists are happily bringing tin cans of powdered mare’s milk to their homeland).


 - I use 5-6 cans of milk a month. Not only I, but my grandchildren also drink it. After they started drinking, their immunity has improved. We forgot about the flu and other colds.

Considering the growing demand, Kazakh Saumal producers intend to expand the existing production areas. They also plan to increase the range and reduce the production cost.