25th anniversary of Tenge

25th anniversary of Tenge

A collection of the ‘25th anniversary of Tenge’ coins, issued by the National Bank, has been sold out in two days. The cost of each kilogram of the silver coin is around 268, 000 Tenge and the total of the coins sold was 200 pieces. The coins were released as part of the ‘Memorable Events and Amazing People’ coins series. The first silver coins of Kazakhstan were issued in 1995. Every year, the National Bank offers several collections of coins for bonistics and numismatics experts. The coins are mainly made of silver, gold and Melchior. (The collections won several times at international competitions). (The main requirement is the design and quality of the coins). (In this respect, the quality of Kazakh coins is not indifferent to coins from other countries).


 - A ‘Tiger’ coin with diamond was recognized as the best in two nominations in the Australian competition. The ‘Space’ series coins with Tantalum are produced only in Kazakhstan. ‘Gold of Nomads’ coins is in demand both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The most valuable silver coins are the ‘Ten Years of Independence’ series. It cost 47,000 Tenge when it was issued in 2001. Now the price amounts to over US$20,000.

On November 15, 1993, Tenge was introduced as a new trading instrument in Kazakhstan. During these years, the Kazakh money has repeatedly been recognized as one of the most beautiful, high quality and in demand in the international market. In Kazakhstan, November 15 is celebrated as the National Currency Day.