Kazakh scientists are producing gluten-free products in the laboratories

Kazakh scientists are producing gluten-free products in the laboratories. Researchers began producing products such as muffins, cookies, cereals, pasta and dough for the Kazakh style meat. The innovative development was designed by the scientists of the Kazakh Research Institute for Processing of Agricultural Products. They selected products such as maize, rice, buckwheat, millet and flax as raw materials. The gluten-free food is good for people with a celiac disease.    


 - The celiac disease is the intolerance for the gluten found in grain seeds. Lifelong gluten-free diet is the only solution in this case. Some families have up to four children with this disease. The analysis of the gluten-free goods market shows that 100 per cent of the products are imported goods and are 10 to 12 times more expensive than the regular products.  

Gluten-free products are currently imported to Kazakhstan from Italy, Russia, United States and Poland. However, their prices are high. Kazakh researchers are set to produce domestic products with high quality and reasonable prices.


 - There are gluten-free products in our market. However, all of them are imported and not always affordable for the Kazakh residents with the celiac disease. For example, one kilogram of gluten-free flour costs about 4,000 tenge, while 200 grams of cookies is 2,500 tenge. We want to produce much cheaper products with a minimum amount of artificial additives.

Scientists are planning to improve the production technology of gluten-free products within three years. The developers are set to start selling the goods in 2020 if the research is successfully completed.