Is there a possibility for Kazakhstan to take part in Eurovision?

Is there a possibility for Kazakhstan to take part in Eurovision?

Kazakhstan will be making their debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, Belarus next month. But what does Khabar Agency think about joining the adult version of the contest?

Speaking to ESCToday, Khabar Agency’s CEO Alan Azhibayev revealed what a Eurovision debut would mean for the country:

“Eurovision is one of the most popular contests in the world having a rich history. This is a great event, where music and friendship are the most important things. Different cultures of the world unite here.

Historically our country always has had that special feeling about music. That’s one of the reasons why Kazakhstan viewers pay much attention to international music contests and Eurovision in particular.

Eurovision is all about diversity of cultures and music genres. Kazakhstan’s music industry is diverse as well. I think our artists could broaden the contest’s program and introduce their unique music to viewers around the world.

Also, our country has always been showing a good will to be a part of the world community and live in peace with every country. Taking  part in the contest could give us a great opportunity to tell about our intentions again.”

Khabar Agency has been broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012, and have been an EBU associate member since 2016. However, it was revealed in July that there are no plans for the country to participate in the 2019 edition of the contest, as they would have to have a special invitation from the EBU.

Kazakhstan will participate at the 2018 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November. Representing the country at their first contest is twelve-year-old Daneliya Tuleshova, who will sing “Ozine sen”. Get to know more about her here.