Khabar Agency's projects on MIPCOM trade show in Cannes

Khabar Agency's projects on MIPCOM trade show in Cannes

Khabar Agency is strengthening international cooperation. The television company presented its original series, documentaries and travel projects about Kazakhstan at MIPCOM, the largest communication trade show in Cannes. The platform brings together leading film and program producers from around the world. At the trade show, Khabar presented two joint projects with Discovery such as Discovery Atlas and How It’s Made. These projects include a series of documentaries about the culture and traditions of different countries and a documentary series showing the production process in detail.


 - We present our series at MIPCOM. We film from 10 to 12 series annually, covering various genres, such as comedies, dramas and detectives. ‘Batyrlar Zholy’ series is our new project. It’s is a historical drama that we will premiere next year. The series has 12 episodes. We can see that MIPCOM participants are very interested in the historical drama about Central Asia and Kazakhstan.


 - Discovery Atlas Kazakhstan is a one-hour program in 4K and HD formats. After watching this program for one hour, you will feel that you visited almost every attraction in Kazakhstan. In addition to the excellent quality and beautiful frames, every viewer has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan that is not known for many people. How It’s Made Kazakhstan project is a 10 episode series of 30 minutes each, about various products, produced only in Kazakhstan.

More than 10,000 specialists visit the MIPCOM trade show every year. The event helps television companies expand sales markets and introduces new trends.