More foreigner travellers are visiting Kazakhstan due to the attractive unexplored destinations

Kazakhstan is becoming a prominent player in the worldwide travel industry. More foreigner travellers are visiting Kazakhstan due to the attractive unexplored destinations. U.S. businessman David Valera organized a tour across Kazakhstan this summer. 38 tourists from Japan, Spain and the United States visited the Land of the Great Steppe for the first time. 


 - Kazakhstan is a country that has many positive things to offer and I am thankful to say that all of my first-time guests were extremely impressed with the country and all went home incredibly happy. The Government is doing a lot to attract tourists to Kazakhstan. However, because the industry is so new in Kazakhstan, I think that the Government should really think about working closer with foreigners like myself for investing our own money and time and effort in bringing our own American colleagues to that part of the world

Foreign visitors experienced the customs and traditions of the Kazakh people. They were interested to visit the countryside, historical landmarks and natural landscapes. The visitors travelled to rural schools and attended Kazakh weddings.


 - We visited over a dozen cities. Karton Karagai was one of them. Obviously, Burabai. Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Merke, Oskemen. Turkistan was also another great experience that we had. So, a lot of these places have a tremendous amount of educational and cultural experiences that tourists just aren’t being made aware of.

American citizen David Valera calls himself a Kazakh and considers Kazakhstan as his second home. He is currently gathering a new group of tourists to visit Kazakhstan. He hopes to see the introduction of direct flights between the U.S and Kazakhstan. One of the U.S. television channels is also set to explore the country.