Large-scale ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ expedition

Large-scale ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ expedition

As part of the large-scale ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ expedition, travellers explored lakes, rivers, canyons, historical facilities, natural parks and reserves. 150 participants including professional guides, experienced travellers, journalists and travel bloggers covered more than 17,000 kilometres in three months and visited 11 regions in Kazakhstan. The expedition members said that they were impressed by the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan. According to organizers, the purpose of the event is to study the natural, historical and holy sites to create new travel routes, develop domestic tourism and infrastructure and explore the homeland.


 - I was impressed by Sauran. I’ve been to Sauran several times and visited the places. This time a photographer and a videographer of the National Geographic Traveler from Russia filmed and made the aerial survey to see this developed city. When a drone rises higher, it is clear that this city was bigger for 5-6 times. 

Organizers of the expedition who are representatives of Kazakh Tourism summarized the results of the trip. Photos and video files will be included in a special data bank on the nature of the republic. A television version of the project will be created and broadcasted on Kazakh TV. The first episode of the trip to Kazakhstan will be shown at the end of October.