The unusual contrast is attracting more attention to Kazakhstan as a promising travel destination

Kazakhstan is a country that represents a unique combination of oriental traditions and western modern style, bringing together ancient architecture and futuristic solutions. According to experts, the unusual contrast is attracting more attention to Kazakhstan as a promising travel destination. Kazakhstan is mostly visited by tourists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, China and neighbouring countries.  


 - Kazakhstan is visited by about 2.5 million tourists. The majority of them arrive from the Central Asian countries. We are planning to increase the tourist flow to about 7.7 million people by 2025.

Moreover, there are numerous touristic routes offered to travellers all over Kazakhstan. For example, officials in Shymkent are planning to construct a new railway facility to increase the flow of tourists. At the same time, they are reconstructing the functional railway station. A new terminal will be built in the airport at the expense of private investments. Local authorities will reconstruct the utility networks and will build roads and squares. 

In addition to the beautiful nature, foreign tourists are attracted by Kazakhstan’s rich historical, archaeological and cultural heritage. Many travellers from countries such as Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia visit Turkistan, the spiritual capital of the Turkic world. To increase the tourist flow, local authorities are set to construct Khoja Ahmed Yasawi’s Museum to store the great scientist’s manuscripts. Turkistan officials will also reconstruct the Kultobe settlement, which one of the early urban settlements in Turkistan. There are several sites recognized as the world cultural heritage in the Turkistan region.  


 - It is incredible that three sites from the same city are recognized as world heritage. The ancient history should attract large numbers of tourists.

Local officials are planning to develop transit tourism by means of air traffic. Turkistan is located in the heart of the Silk Road. It is evidenced by the fact that the capitals of seven countries are located within 1,000 kilometres from the city. An air link Kuala Lumpur – Turkistan – Samarkand will be launched here in the future.