Kazakhstan has many fascinating and beautiful touristic sites

Kazakhstan has many fascinating and beautiful touristic sites. The vast 3,000 kilometres long area spreading from the lowlands in the West to the Altai Mountains in the East attracts many tourists, including domestic travellers. Two million Kazakh citizens visited domestic touristic sites in the first half-year. According to the Kazakh Tourism company officials, the growth totalled 7 per cent. There is a wide range of travel destinations in Kazakhstan, such as Big Almaty Lake, Sharyn Canyon, Kolsai Lake, Lake Issyk, Alakol, the Aigakum Singing Dunes.

 - We arrived in Almaty to visit the Big Almaty Lake. There are beautiful sites in Shymkent, such as Akmeshit, Sairam and Lenger. I would also like to mention Burabai in Kokshetau. We are going to show the beautiful sites for our children.

 - Kazakhstan is a very beautiful place. We have a beautiful nature. We visit multiple beautiful sites in Kazakhstan once a year.

 - This is our first visit to Big Almaty Lake. We visit Almaty once or twice a year. We like travelling to Almaty and our trips are affordable.

Akmeshit cave is another popular travel destination. It is located 70 to 80 kilometres away from Shymkent. The number of tourists visiting Akmeshit is growing from year to year. The 25-meter high cave rises above on the limestone layers. People believe that this cave is full of mysteries and can take the negative energy away. The cave is visited by a large number of tourists willing to improve their health.

Many people are interested in visiting the historical sites. They start from the old towns like Otyrar and Sauran. This is Sauran, the town which once was surrounded by seven towers, historians say. A lot of people visit the town to feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Some people come on their own and others use the services of the travel companies.


 - In recent years, our country has started to develop local tourism. Especially after the expo, a number of tourists from far and near abroad are increasing year by year. The country’s sites are becoming more popular. We have good offers in terms of the convenience of travel, accommodation and quality of food.

Different programs have been created to show the country's beautiful and picturesque landscapes. Transnational tours are gaining momentum.  Preparation for joint trips with the Turkic speaking states has been started. This is a 15-day trip starting from Turkey to Azerbaijan through Kazakhstan and ending in Kyrgyzstan. The Central Asian countries are joining efforts to boost regional tourism. Kazakh journalists and bloggers took part in one of the transnational tours in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The information tour was supported by the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.