Kazakh organic products are exported abroad, particularly, to the European countries

Kazakhstan is developing the export of organic products. Today there are nearly 70 companies that focus on environmentally friendly products. In general, flax, oats, sunflower and medicinal herbs are grown in the country. Almost all organic products are exported abroad, particularly, to the European countries. The organic products of the Kazakh companies are annually certified in Ukraine for the European standards. Kiev hosted a conference titled ‘Kazakhstan and Ukraine: Organic Foods’. Representatives of the companies producing eco-products from the Almaty, Akmola and North-Kazakhstan regions attended the meeting.


 - The Ukrainian certificate is recognized by the EU countries. The Ukrainian language, mentality and specialists are familiar to us. Our agricultural producers and Ukrainian specialists understand each other. Therefore, today Ukraine issues the majority of certificates to export to Europe.

The law on requirements for organic products has been recently enacted in Ukraine. There is a similar law in Kazakhstan. As part of the Road Map, the country is working to increase the volume of exports of organic food products. Consequently, there is a common interest of the Kazakh and Ukrainian companies in expanding ties in this area. The Kazakh organic products in different countries will be presented which will win the markets of Germany and Switzerland through Ukraine.