A factory producing exclusive costumes for gymnasts has been opened in Petropavl

A factory producing exclusive costumes for gymnasts has been opened in Petropavl. Entrepreneur Dinara Omurzakova has opened a workshop for making original swimsuits with traditional motifs. Now she dreams of creating a brand, which will be known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.


 - I want every gymnast to wear our name. I want her to proudly perform knowing that this is made in Kazakhstan. Our athletes’ individuality is very important.

All the costumes are exclusive and sewn and painted by hand. 2,000 rhinestones are used as a decoration for one swimsuit. As it turned out, the demand for sportswear is quite high. 50 different suits have been sent around the country.


 - I like it because it has such pebbles which sparkle in the sun.

In Petropavl alone, almost 400 girls do gymnastics whose parents used to make an order for the costumes abroad. Instructors say that the swimsuit is an important artistic component of the performance of little gymnasts.


 - A hairstyle should be done properly for the competition. There should be half shoes which are immediate attributes of legs and, of course, a swimsuit. This is the most beautiful thing that fascinates a girl when she steps onto the stage.

Outfits of the Petropavl craftswomen are delivered to all over Kazakhstan. Now they are planning to expand the scale of production and start accepting orders from foreign buyers.