Kazakh doctors have developed new technology of treatment - Vitalogy

Kazakh doctors have developed new technology of treatment, vitalogy. This is a new area in preventive and restorative medicine. Reflexotherapist Murat Syzdykov and his Almaty colleague Dmitriy Parkhachev had worked on it for nearly 20 years. Kazakh specialists have combined the best methods of the most effective treatment techniques of Kazakh and Western medicine which include osteopathy, manual and reflexotherapy, massage and etc. Elements of the Kazakh medicine served as a basis.


 - We studied our traditional Kazakh medicine. Vertical births have been performed which have shown that cervical spine trauma has decreased to 70%. Then there is a tradition of putting a child into a besik. Rigid swaddling creates a good condition for the harmonious development of a child’s nervous system. When a child turns 3-4 years he or she starts riding a horse which means pelvic bones and organs start forming as well as the vestibular apparatus and muscles begin working. Therefore, I recommend everyone to look deep into the centuries, to return to the traditions and use the experience of our ancestors.

Experts have been working successfully for several years not only with Kazakhs. Patients from near and far abroad, particularly, Russia, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Israel and even Australia visit vitalologists to get the treatment.

Yerbolat Tnalin also practices the new technology. He says that it allows not only improving the physical health condition of a person, but also the psycho-emotional health condition.


 - Patients are very different from babies to elderlies. The treatment is very effective. This is good because it's prevention. It is possible to identify a disease beforehand, treat it and a person works well in the future. If a person moves without pain, he or she is absolutely healthy.

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