The expedition as part of the ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ project has arrived in Taraz

The expedition along the New Silk Road route as part of the ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ project has arrived in Taraz. The expedition consists of travel operators and foreign and Kazakh travel bloggers. The participants will further visit historical sites in Turkistan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions in 13 days. The expedition aims to explore the natural, historical and holy sites of Kazakhstan. After enjoying the attractions in Taraz, the expedition will visit one of the oldest nature reserves in Central Asian, the Aksu Zhabagly Nature Reserve.


 - According to the plan, we will visit more than 20 sites. We have traveled in Almaty region for 7 days. We have arrived in Zhambyl region and started our trip from the town of Merki. We have visited the Akyrtas facility and will visit the Ancient Taraz and the Mausoleums of Aisha Bibi and Karakhan.

The project developers will establish new travel destinations to the natural sites of Kazakhstan and will prepare informational guidebooks for the future travelers. The reports on the expedition’s progress will be aired on Kazakh TV.