Expedition ‘From Sea to Sea’ has ended at the Caspian Sea shore

Expedition ‘From Sea to Sea’ has ended at the Caspian Sea shore. The trip was held as part of the ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ project. The 4,000-kilometer-long trip left incredible impressions on the travellers. Expedition demonstrated the richness and diversity of Kazakhstan and Mangystau region, in particular.   


 - I am impressed and have a feeling like I have visited a different planet. It’s my 7th or 8th visit to Mangystau and I cannot stop admiring this place, because of the extraordinary landscapes that have no alternatives in the world.

The expedition as part of the Astana’s 20th-anniversary celebrations was launched in Almaty on September 10th. The expedition aims to expand tourist routes as well as to study the tourism potential of natural and historical sites of Kazakhstan.


 - We drove nearly 4,000 kilometres to Aktau. We stopped at the Aral Sea. Since the expedition is called From Sea to Sea, the expedition is spread from the Aral Sea to the Caspian Sea. Along the way, we have visited locations such as Tuzbaiyr and Bozzhira, practically all the important locations of the Mangystau region.

In 14 days, well-known bloggers, foreign photographers and journalists have travelled along the roads of the Kyzylorda, Aktobe and Mangystau regions. The trip will result in trip new tourist routes, high-quality photo and video about Kazakhstan’s natural sites and an illustrated guidebook for future tourists. Kazakh TV will broadcast a series of TV programs dedicated to the expedition.