'Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat' expedition came to an end along Saryarka route

Participants of the ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ expedition completed their trip along the Saryarka route. In 16 days they covered more than 4,000 kilometres and travelled through the area of four regions, such as North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Akmola regions. The travellers explored the variety of landscapes and wildlife of the Northern and Central Kazakhstan. They watched maral deers in their natural habitat, visited Lake Azhibay, as well the Bayanaul and Karkaraly National Nature Parks. Moreover, the expedition member visited the pearls of Kazakhstan, such as Lake Balkhash and the Burabay resort area. According to the expedition members, the Saryarka route allowed them to see previously unknown beautiful sites of the Kazakh steppes. As a result of the large-scale tour, the organizers will release a film and guide-books on the Holy sites.


 - As a result of these expeditions, we will create travel routes, including extended routes, such as this significant one. If this route is successful, we will involve these teams in our work. We will have shorter travel routes. At these expeditions, we will collect a lot of photo and video materials.


 - New routes of this expedition will be developed and introduced to Kazakh Tourism and the Tourism Committee. What has surprised us is the Akzhar Mountains in Central Kazakhstan to where you drive through the steppe and nothing is there. Then the Martian landscapes appear. It's hard to guess about them without a close observation.