Kazakh students completed an internship in aerospace school in the United Kingdom

Kazakh students completed an internship in aerospace school in the United Kingdom

About 40 Kazakh students completed an internship in aerospace school in the United Kingdom. The students are the winners of a young talents’ competition. Specialists say that the trip will help them make an informed choice of profession. Senior lecturer of the Center for Aeronautics Alastair Cooke spoke about the structure of Jetstream, the light twin turboprop aeroplane. The students flew on the aircraft and performed special assignments. They had to write data from the aerometric equipment and systems. The students were meticulously copying values from sensors, trying themselves as aviation engineers. The instructors gave their positive feedback.  


 - With the level of enthusiasm they have right now and the curiosity that they have at this age, I am sure as long as they work they will be developed into really interesting engineers, really good engineers.

Cranfield University is a British postgraduate and research-based public university specializing in science, engineering, technology and management. The university owns and operates its own airport facility and aircraft that are used in the course of training and airspace technology research. During the training, the Kazakh students also tried to perform pilot’s duties. They were training to land an aircraft using a simulator that replicates the interior of the Boeing 747 cockpit.


 - It was the first time I was flying a plane at Cranfield University. It was certainly an unforgettable experience. I feel happy.


 - We have just tried the simulator. It was unforgettable because we don’t assume the responsibilities of pilots every day.  


 - I became interested in aviation and aircraft manufacturing. In the future, I am planning to start my career in this field. 

According to the Cranfield University officials, the main goal of the university is to show the excitement of being in the aerospace and aviation industry. An interesting career can be built by choosing a profession related to aviation engineering.


 - So, we are very pleased to welcome the group of students who come to Cranfield University from Kazakhstan this week. I know that it’s been very competitive for them to secure a place to come here so we are delighted that the group is here. There is a lot of work gone into putting on a very strong program for them.

The competition organizers, including Kazakhstan First President’s Foundation, Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice and the National Institute of Intellectual Property decided to hold the competition annually. More talented students will have the unique opportunity to learn about aerospace engineering.