A course of the kumis treatment has been developed for tourists in Kyrgyzstan

A course of the kumis treatment has been developed for tourists in Kyrgyzstan. People undergoing treatment drink kumis five times a day under the supervision of specialists. A plan is developed and a dosage of portions is determined before the treatment. It is a common belief that kumis regulates metabolism. It also has a beneficial effect on hemopoiesis and facilitates the treatment of pneumonia and tuberculosis.


 - A lot of people from Saudi Arabia, Dubai are coming for the treatment. Moreover, there are also guests from China, Switzerland and England. The main contingent of tourists is Kazakhs. Here, the high mountains are 2,200 meters above the sea level. Therefore, some people need to drink milk and others should drink saumal, fresh mare’s milk. There are three kinds of milk: cow milk, saumal and kumis.

More than 10,000 tourists rest in the health complex in the Suusamyr Valley during one summer season. All necessary conditions are created for the 10-day treatment course. A herd of mares, which belong to the complex, are milked every two hours. Visitors who are not keen on trying the national drink can instead admire the nature and breathe the fresh mountain air.


 - We arrived from Taraz, Kazakhstan. This is our first time here. We like it very much, including the mountains, air and rivers. We like the Suusamyr Valley. We have tried kumis to improve our health. We have inhaled the pure mountain air. Kumis is also produced in Kazakhstan but the taste is different here.

The technology used to produce the drinks is strictly observed. The production is based on the behest of ancestors. All of the recipes are passed from generations. Experts say that the drinks have a unique taste and most importantly, contain beneficial ingredients. These qualities of kumis have attracted the interest of both travellers and local residents.