A corneal transplant surgery was performed for the first time in Almaty

Kazakhstan's ophthalmology is reaching a new level. A corneal transplant surgery was performed for the first time in Almaty. American doctors brought the donor corneal tissue. They also conducted master classes for colleagues from the Kazakh Research Institute of Eye Diseases. A patient who underwent the surgery is from Taraz. Alinur suffered serious left eye damage three years ago when he broke a vessel with a solvent as the splashes hit his eye. The burn was so strong that it was necessary to replace the cornea entirely.


 - The corneal transplant surgery that I was performing here, very few surgeons perform this surgery in the United States. There are two forms of corneal plasty here that I’m doing. So the traditional corneal transplant transplants the entire cornea.

Experts say there are many advantages of new technology. First of all, this is a seamless surgery. Secondly, the surgery lacks so-called ‘depressurization’ of an eyeball. The procedure is less traumatic, and therefore, risks of postoperative complications are minimized. Doctors say the questions with the donor tissue are also being resolved.


 - We got the cornea from the American eye bank. We signed an agreement on the delivery of the preserved cornea.

According to the World Health Organization, 10 million patients around the world need the corneal transplant surgery. Nearly 200 people need this surgery in Kazakhstan. By the end of the year, 70 Kazakh patients will undergo the corneal transplant surgery using the donor cornea tissue.