Participants of the ‘Dzungarian Alatau’ expedition visited the Sarkand city

As part of the ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ project, participants of the ‘Dzungarian Alatau’ expedition visited the Sarkand city in the Almaty region. Travelers visited the ‘Altyn-Emel’ state national nature park and a mysterious necropolis, Besshatyr.

The expedition members were impressed by a wonderful facility of nature, the singing Burkhan. The travelers also visited the Bayan-Zhurek Mountains. They are located in the Aksu district of the Almaty region. In addition, the expedition members visited the second highest waterfall in Central Asia, Burkhan Bulak. The clear waters of it are considered to be medicinal from ancient times. Furthermore, the participants of the expedition, particularly, journalists, staff of travel agencies and local and foreign bloggers from Switzerland and the United Kingdom as well as photographers will head to holy places of Zhetisu.


- The main goal of the expedition was to attract attention to this region. I think that this goal has been successfully accomplished. Attention has been gathered. We have seen a lot of cool places and acquainted with Kazakh hospitality.