A new local history museum will be opened in Aktobe

A new local history museum will be opened in Aktobe

A new local history museum will be opened in Aktobe. The 4,000 square meters museum will have 11 halls. All valuable findings, totaling 103, 000 items have been transported to the new museum from the old facility. The exhibition halls will be located on the first floor, while the archive and craft workshops will be based on the ground floor.


- We have recently brought the exhibits from the old museum. It is our history that we carefully preserve for the future generations. We will arrange many upgraded expositions here. We have purchased stuffed animals. The designers are working on decoration. We are preparing for the opening.

A special condition, which is the maintenance of permanent temperature and humidity, will be created for the storage of artifacts in the new three-storey building. Based on the building design, the museum will house several conference halls. One of the halls will have nine sections on the nature of Aktobe region. 635 million Tenge was allocated for the museum construction.


- Construction of the Museum in Aktobe region is being developed based on a public-private partnership as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. We are very pleased that the local population is supporting the culture and history of their region.

Visitors will attend the new interesting expositions in September. The museum is visited by 85,000 people every year. The staff of the main museum in the region believes that the number of visitors will increase significantly after the relocation.