Members of 'Uly Dala Eline Sayahat' project started expedition on 'Sary-Arka' route

The fourth expedition of the ‘Uly Dala Yeline Sayakhat’ project is organized in Kazakhstan as part of the 20th anniversary of Astana. The ‘Sary-Arka’ expedition is conducted by the Kazakh National Geographic Society and will last until September 4th. The team members will travel more than 4,500 kilometers to the most interesting places of Akmola, Pavlodar, Karagandy and North-Kazakhstan regions. The expedition includes 27 participants, specifically; travelers, journalists, representatives of tour operators as well as foreign and Kazakh travel bloggers. In general, the project covers six routes of the tourist cluster and 11 regions.


 - We must overcome 4,500 kilometers within 16 days. After the completion of the expedition, we will continue to work. First of all, we will create a list of tourist destinations and our proposals on what measures should be taken to improve the infrastructure of these facilities.