Construction of Kyzylagash Dam

Construction of Kyzylagash Dam

The construction of Kyzylagash dam will be be completed by the end of the year. One third of the works are finished with roads and power lines while the bottom of the reservoir is cleared as well. A tunnel was built for water release. Only the body of the dam is left to be built. According to specialists, commissioning of the facility will cause a multiplier effect as crop areas will be increased by seven times, thus the yield will be higher and new jobs will be created.  


- The old dam was made of clay. The dam that we are currently building is a difficult construction as the dam’s core is made of clay. Moreover, there is large amount of concrete underneath the dam as there is a large wall here which is 2.5 meters tall. It wasn’t here before. There are also stone elements on both sides. Therefore, we have to do a large amount of work. There is about 930,000 cubic meters of stone here. Therefore, we are constructing a fortified dam. 

The width of the dam’s foundation will total 310 meters, the length from one bank to the other is 300 meters and the height is 55 meters. About 200 machines are used for the construction. The constructors work in two shifts. About six billion Tenge were allocated for the project.

The water reservoir with the total area of 337 hectares can store up to 42 millions of cubic meters of water and provide water to about 7,000 hectares of land.


- We have 163 farms that are primarily engaged in cattle farming due to the lack of water. After the commissioning of the dam, we will have more farms,

The farmers will grow sugar beets, soy and melons on the commissioned lands. It will happen in two years after the water reservoir accumulates enough water.