Bike trip from Europe to Japan

Italian traveler and art expert Rosaria Iazzetta arrived in Kazakhstan as part of the bike trip from Italy to Japan. Rosaria travels alone on a motorbike that she calls Juno. The traveler has covered 7,000 kilometers distance and visited European countries, Ukraine and Russia. After visiting Kazakhstan, she will go to Mongolia, China, and South Korea. During the motor tour, Rosaria records interviews with women representing various creative industries. The interviews will be included in her documentary on women’s contribution to art. Kazakh violinist Aiman Mussakhajayeva (Мусахаджаева) became one of the protagonists of the project in Kazakhstan.


- In my past, I was living in Japan. I’ve felt this incredible distance from Italy and Japan. But on the one hand, this distance was just geographic distance. I said why I don’t use my energy to connect all this reality, all this life, all these women in all these different countries. Мy idea of this documentary is must be one expression or inspiration for the young generation. Because sometimes we felt not easy to find a mentor, somebody who is a guide in our life. My idea was to make this inspiration whatever you were born.