Kazakhstan and China: Prospects of cooperation

Kazakhstan and China are strengthening bilateral cooperation. A profitable partnership was established in various economic sectors driven by two programs, particularly the Nurly Zhol and the Belt and Road Initiative. A special effect from the partnership is observed not only by the two countries, but also by the whole region. Analysts said the export potential of Central Asia states is also growing given the increase in cargo transportation volume through Kazakhstan to Europe. Experts talked about the prospects of a large-scale Chinese project as well as the relationship between the two countries at the awards ceremony of winners of the republican essay contest, which was dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative.


 - Over the past five years, we have fully implemented nearly 11 projects. This is a great success. I want to highlight cooperation in industrialization and investment. The total list of projects includes 51 projects which amounted to more than US$27 billion. As part of this cooperation, we jointly established the oil and gas refinery. We set up a cement plant and built a car factory. China and Kazakhstan are comprehensive strategic partners and therefore our cooperation covers all areas.

60 best works from all corners of the republic were selected for the contest. The subjects vary from personal histories to scientific research. It is also devoted to friendship and all-round strategic partnership of the two countries.


 - This contest is completely related to the topic of my thesis, ‘Belt and Road Initiative.’ I have been studying the topic for a year and one of the studies is the digital silk way. We notice that there are many areas of this project such as ‘An Air Silk Road,’ ‘A Polar Silk Road’ and a topic of the ‘Space Silk Road’ is already known. This is the exchange of information in the world through satellite communications and training of specialists in this field.